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Here are just a handful of reviews and success stories from actual ROCKETMEMORY™ customers:

Endorsed by Glenn Livingston, PhD as featured in:
Dr. Glenn Livingston Endorses RocketMemory
Glenn Livingston, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

As featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, & Chicago Sun Times
Dr. Glenn Livingston Credentials
…In short, Ryan Levesque is the go-to guy when it comes to memory — I couldn’t endorse his programs more highly.
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Professor Erikson Endorses RocketMemory
George Erikson, MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School Professor Endorses RocketMemory
….In my 40+ years in education, I’ve never seen a memory course as uniquely well-designed as this one – whether you’re a student, going back to school, or simply want to improve your mind.
Founder Ryan Levesque endorsed by
Dr. Beverly Yates as featured on:
Dr. Beverly Yates Endorses Rocket Memory
Dr. Beverly Yates, Naturopathic Physician

As featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and PBS
Dr. Beverly Yates Credentials
…After working with Ryan, it’s become immediately clear he has tremendous expertise about how the human mind and memory works. I am thoroughly impressed by his no-nonsense style and his ability to provide clear step-by-step advice….
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Full Testimonial Below:
"This Program has been Life-Changing…"
RocketMemory Success Story Tyrone Waldrop
Tyrone Waldrop

24 Years Old
Houston, Texas
…After noticing my memory wasn’t what it used to be, I decided try the Rocket Memory program. This course has completely boosted my confidence. It’s been life-changing.
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UMaine PhD Candidate Says:
"Ryan’s PRO Number System is the most intuitive,
useful number system I’ve EVER come across…"
…I’ll repeat: The PRO Number System is light years ahead of any of the number systems I’m aware of, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all. I can’t recommend this program highly enough…
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PhD Candidate
University of Maine
Orono, ME
“I’ve Never Spent So Little for Something
that’s Changed My Life So Much…”
…To be honest, I’ve never spent so little for something that’s changed my life so much.

The program teaches you in detail a system of memory techniques, that will have you remembering virtually anything you want…

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For example, I teach continuing education courses at our local college.

On the first day of class I use one of the NAME and FACE strategies in the program, which enables everyone in the class (including me) to learn and remember the names of everyone else in class. And it takes less than 20 minutes.

I love watching the reactions of my students, who are often in their 50s & 60s, when I ask for a few volunteers to come to the front of the classroom to go through the names of their new classmates (whom they’ve just met for the first time).

It’s always the same thing: They just look at me in disbelief after they’ve been able to recall everyone’s names – flawlessly!

The systems work! And that’s just one example. I can’t tell you how much this program has changed my life!
– Terry Maciejewski, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
(Continuing Ed Teacher, 37 Years Old)
Overworked Doctor Says:
“This Course Literally Saved My Career!”
This course literally saved my career, and here’s why:

I was working 90+ hours a week as an anesthesiologist when I needed to take my upcoming ABA Oral Boards…

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Now with these exams, they never ask the easy stuff. They always ask the ridiculously hard stuff that you never deal with on a daily basis, so you have to prepare.

But I just didn’t have the time or energy to go through and memorize the hundreds of pages of notes from my ABA Board Review Course.

So I googled for information on how to memorize faster, eventually decided to order the RocketMemory program off the website because I needed something that was going to go beyond basic mnemonic tricks.

After I received the course, I took the next weekend to go through as much of it as possible.

I was very impressed with how well-structured the course was, and how quickly I was able to start putting into practice what I learned.

I used it to retain enough information from my ABA Review Course to easily pass my orals — AND spent just a fraction of the time I would have using my old techniques.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would’ve done without this program.

Since then, I continue to use the memory systems in many areas of my my life. For example, I’m now teaching a Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics course and can easily remember my lecture outlines so my lectures flow smoothly. I actually recommend this program to all my students.

All I can say is that I wish I had this course when I was back in medical school!
– Dr. Manish Kumar
Shaker Heights, OH
California Attorney Says:
“I Wouldn’t have Passed the Bar Exam
without this Course…"
First, as a busy attorney who almost never takes the time to write a review or testimonial, I’ll lead by saying this:

I think this course is without question, the most thorough, well-structured, and effective program available for anyone out there interested in improving their memory.

Now, that being said, I can only speak from my own personal experience. But after you hear how this program has changed my life, I think it might help you decide whether the course right for you:

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Two years ago, I went from being a very good law student – who graduated in the top 20% of my class to a JD who failed the California BAR Exam TWICE due to an inability to remember legal rules and details.

I had tried every legal study aid available, including enrolling in the BarBri course at a cost of $2,000.

After failing the BAR for a second time — I briefly considered moving to practice law in another state with a less rigorous exam — or even giving up on becoming an attorney altogether.

But as someone who scored well on essay exams throughout law school, I decided my problem had to do with my poor memory for details and legal jargon.

So I started turning to resources to improve my memory.

After trying the Buzan and Lorrayne courses – which I found were a bit simplistic and very limited in their scope and application – I decided to order the RocketMemory course based on the recommendation of a law school buddy of mine.

The program starts by covering dozens of unique, but very effective strategies and techniques for remembering basically every type of information you can think of – from phone numbers to terminology and everything in between.

Then it goes on to cover exactly how to remember vast amounts of information on a given subject, by organizing that information in your brain in very specific ways designed for fast and reliable recall.

(Extremely useful for anyone who’s ever wondered how to actually *retain* everything you study when gearing up for a major exam.)

And for me, this was the KEY missing piece I needed to store everything for the BAR in my head.

So last year I decided to take the exam a third (and final) time, this time applying what I’d learned in the course.

And on that third attempt, I’m proud to say I finally slayed the beast that is the California BAR Exam! :)

You know, I really think this course should be required for all students – especially if you’re studying a subject like law or medicine, because for me, it’s something that’s completely transformed my life.

AND had I been introduced to it a year earlier, it probably would have saved me hundreds of hours in study time and over $1500 in wasted exam fees!

So for anyone looking to dramatically improve your memory whether you’re a student, already out of school, OR if you’re studying for a major exam — I can’t recommend this course highly enough.
– Rick Smith, Attorney
Glendale, CA
I went from Having a "Poor Memory" to
"Memorizing the Impossible" – with Minimal Effort…
RocketMemory Success Story Tyrone Waldrop
-Melina Lynn-Parnass
Portland, OR

I’ve always considered my memory to be rather poor. But after using the techniques in this program, I’m now capable of memorizing things many people would deem impossible – with minimal effort. For example…

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…Last weekend I went out to eat with my boyfriend and five of his friends whom I’d met for the first time. I decided to use the opportunity to test my ability to remember phone numbers.

So after we all sat down I went around the table, asking everyone to tell me their cell phone numbers. Without writing anything down, and hearing the numbers just once I made a fun little bet with my boyfriend — I told him, “Hey, if I can remember everyone’s phone number at the end of dinner tonight, then you have pay my portion of the bill, okay?”

Well… I wish I could say I won the bet, because I was *only* 4 for 5 (so close!) — and on the last one, I just reversed the last two digits (46 instead of 64).

At first glance, you might think that’s simple — but go ahead and try memorizing 5 new phone numbers — and matching them to their owner without a system! I was able to do it in under 2 minutes, and even right now as I write this they’re STILL etched into my brain (and that was over a week ago!)

Of course, it’s fun to impress people like that, but these are methods have real practical applications — My only complaint is that I only wish I had this ability back when I was in school!
RocketMemory Success Story Scott Morgenstern
Scott Morgenstern

Student, 21 Years Old
Lehigh University
Bethleham, PA
…As a student, the best part about this course is that it gives you a proven system for learning vast amounts of information WITHOUT having to study 18 hours a day, chugging down Red Bulls and trying to live on 3 hours of sleep…
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on the Course Below:
"This Program is For Real"
…After failing the BAR exam this past administration, I knew there had to be someone out there who knows more about memorizing than I do – and that guy is you. I’m so happy I purchased your course. This guy is for real. Thanks, Ryan!
Click to Hear Steve’s Story: – Steve C.
Law School Graduate
Golden Gate University
San Rafael, CA
"It’s Like I Have the Answers to the Test,
Right There in My Head!”
RocketMemory Success Story Divya

-Divya Vijayashanker
Engineering Student
Victoria, British Columbia

I’m currently a 2nd year electrical engineering student in college, and I’ve been using the techniques from this program for the past year and a half.

Let me paint a picture for you for how this program has changed my life…

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Just imagine being able to walk into an exam without any stress whatsoever as you watch everyone else in your class freaking out, frantically cramming up until the very last second — taking one last peak at their notes.

Well, up until last year, I used to be one of those students.

But now? After going through this course, it’s completely changed the way I study. I can quickly and easily memorize my lecture notes with almost minimal effort. And when I walk into an exam – it’s almost like I have the answers to the test, right there in my head – literally.

I mean, it almost feels like I have an unfair advantage. I used to have the absolute worst memory — but now, it’s like my head really is like a mental filing cabinet.

Part of me feels like this course should be taught in college — but part of me wants to keep it quiet, because to be honest, school has become so easy for me that I’m afraid IF my professors knew HOW easy their exams are for me, they’d start making them harder!
"I was concerned about the cost… But this course has easily been worth 10-20 times what I paid for it."
RocketMemory Success Joel Charpentier

– Joel Charpentier
Materials Technician
Buffalo Grove, IL

I was recently promoted at my company, but my new job required me to learn a number of technical specifications for a new refrigeration system we’ve been contracted to build.

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but someone who for some reason who has always struggled with information retention and recall.

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And now that I’m in my mid-thirties, and out of school for years, faced with a textbook worth of specs I need to learn for my new job — I knew I needed some sort of system to quickly learn all that new information.

That’s what prompted me to order the RocketMemory course.

In retrospect, I wish I had this program years ago.

Anyone concerned about the cost, let me tell you — this is one of those purchases that’s EASILY worth 10-20 times what you pay for it, just based on how much additional earning power it’ll give you by boosting you forward in your career.
"It was a relief to discover other memory techniques that go way beyond simple mnemonics…
As someone who never could remember those silly mnemonics throughout school, after purchasing this course it was a tremendous relief to discover there are other memory techniques out there which are far more effective for me…

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Also, the course helped me identify the source of my memory problems by distinguishing the important differences between intelligence and memory. And I feel this aspect of the course in particular would be helpful for anyone out there who has a tremendous capacity for comprehension – but who has always struggled with retention.

Perhaps the biggest fundamental change I experienced is discovering how a good memory, like playing the piano or guitar, is a skill you can quickly develop – even if you’ve struggled with a poor memory your entire life, like myself.

After completing the course I truly do feel so much more confident in myself and in my brain – and I actually feel my memory is now something that gives me a competitive advantage in my job – and something that will benefit me for the rest of my life.
– Amanda Phillips
Southampton, UK
(45 Years Old, Call Centre Supervisor)
“I decided to wait an entire semester
before writing this review…"
I was pretty much a failure in school my entire life. Mostly a D student, and the only reason I didn’t fail is because my teachers needed an excuse to pass me to the next grade.

I’m now in my 3rd year of college getting my BA, and up until now it was pretty much been the same story – straight D’s with an occassional C. My plan had been that if I can’t get a job because of my horrible grades, I’ll just join the military.

But recently I came across this program, and that’s when everything changed for me…

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First, the course was a pretty big investment for me, but I bought it anyway knowing I could return it if it didn’t work or I decided it wasn’t for me.

After I received the course, I went through the materials to get a feel for what it was about, I got really excited. Because I realized right away this was probably going to be the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

But I decided to wait an entire semester before writing a review, because I wanted to put the techniques to the test, and see if the program would actually work for me.

Simply put, this course has changed the way I study, the way I think, and my entire life.

In fact this semester, I managed to get three B’s and one A. I’ve never gotten grades like that before.

And here’s the most amazing part:

Most of my friends would probably tell you that I’m lazy. Even I couldn’t believe I was getting better grades than the kids I always thought were so smart.

Because here I was spending LESS time studying, and at the same time getting the best grades of my life.

Man, if only somebody got this for me when I was younger. I’m just thankful I came across this course with a year left in college, because I’m still fairly young, and most people probably go through life never learning these techniques.

This was probably the best investment I’ve ever made!
– Rick Doucet
Student, Worcester State University
Worcester, MA
Nurse Studying for Exams Says:
“Finally… I can remember uncommon medications
and recall spellings any time now!…
I know I am supposed to only write a review after completing the course, (I am in Lesson 5) but I can’t wait to share my excitement.

It is so much fun to take this course and it is one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken. (I have been in college, university and many other classes). I find myself looking forward to starting each lesson and to practice with a great joy.

Right away, I was able to remember unfamiliar medications that I need to know, such as succinhylcholine (a paralysis medication, which may not make sense to you but is very familiar for me as a nurse.)

And here’s another little story: My husband and I went to shop for a fridge, and found the perfect one. So he said, “do you have a pen, write this model number down.” I said to him, I don’t have a pen but I can remember the number and write it down for you at home…

After a long day of shopping, we returned a home and I wrote down the model number. My husband was shocked, and asked me “how did you do that??” He couldn’t believe it. It’s unbelievable what you can do with these techniques. This course is revolutionary… Thank you!

– Jenny Porter, RN
49 Years Old
Burnaby, BC
“I was skeptical this course could actually deliver…
But after giving it a shot, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised!"
If you’re reading this right now thinking “Is this course for real?” before I decided to purchase this program, I was somewhat skeptical it could actually deliver on the claims it made.

Especially because I’ve read a number of memory books out there, including…

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…Dominic O’Brien, Kevin Trudeau, and even tried the Bruno Furst course back in the 1980s — and each time I was unimpressed with the methods they outlined.

Because for me, there always seemed to be a missing link between how to do something simple like “memorize a shopping list” and how to remember all the different types of information we encounter in our lives on a daily basis.

But after reading all the positive testimonials, and because of the money-back guarantee, I decided to give this course a shot.

And boy am I glad I did. Because for me, this course has been that missing link I’ve been searching for all these years..

Now, I don’t want to give everything away, but I can assure you if you apply the methods outlined in the course, you’ll most DEFINITELY increase your ability to retain almost anything you can imagine.

My big goal coming into this program was to memorize 500 Bible Verses, because I recently felt a calling to enter the Ministry. It only took me two fifteen minute sessions to memorize all 73 books of the Bible – in order and backwards (using the unique RocketMemory system).

And just this weekend alone, I’ve already memorized 65 Passages verbatim – including chapter and verse – using the exact methods outlined in the course. My husband still can’t believe it!
– Leanne Chadwick, 46 Years Old
Witchita Falls, TX
"Helped me achieve a level I never dreamed possible in one of the most important endeavors of my life…"
RocketMemory Success Pancho Martinez

– Pancho Martinez
42 Years Old
Boise, Idaho

A little about myself: I was raised Catholic, but grew distant from the Church most of my adult life until reverting about three years ago, when I started becoming a more serious student of my faith.

I’ve read the entire Bible – OT and NT cover to cover, and also the writings of St. Francis of Assisi and others, etc. etc.

A few friends in my parish even tell me I’m the most informed Catholic they know. However…

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…I was having a conversation recently with another lector when a simple question came up that had me completely stumped: What’s the seventh Commandment? I mean, of course I knew the Commandments… Or so I thought. Sure I could go through them one by one… but definitely not out of order like that.

I was pretty embarrassed.

So that got me thinking about other “gaps” in my knowledge. Like the Four Marks of the Church, or the Nine Beatitudes, or the Seven Cardinal Virtues, or the Mysteries of the Rosary, or even the order of the books in the Bible….

So a few weeks ago, when I came across an advertisement for this course in a magazine, I decided to order it off the website. It arrived last week, and I just finished yesterday.

And let me say this: It works!

Everything I mentioned above, I can now recite by heart. I cannot believe it. Ask me any Commandment, any of the Cardinal Virtues… Want to know the 6th book in the OT? I can tell you that… All of it memorized using the methods in this course. Unbelievable!

This course is quite possibly one of the MOST important investments I’ve ever made – helping me reach a level I never dreamed possible in one of the most important intellectual endeavors of my life. Thank you!
Cornell Student Says:
"I took my hardest course load ever this year – and managed a 3.7 GPA, while going out 2-3 times a week!"
I’m currently a student at Cornell University, and before taking this course I relied on what you might call “brute force study tactics” to maintain my high GPA.

I didn’t have much of a social life because my approach to studying for exams was basically to lock myself up in the library and just study for hours on end until I managed to cram as much as possible in my head.

Sure I got decent grades, but it was real grind. And every time I departed from that routine, and took some time to go out, my grades would suffer.

Then over winter break this year, I decided to pick up a copy of this course…

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…because I knew unless I figured out how to study smarter – not harder, I wasn’t going to make it 4 years…

Fast forward three months…

After integrating the core memorization techniques from the program into my study routines this past semester, I was able to take the hardest course load in my college career so far, managing a 3.7 GPA — And doing it all while going out at least twice a week — and spending no more than 2-3 hours a week in the library, tops.

The techniques in this program are going to help you cut your study time WAY DOWN in college and beyond — and give you a leg up for rest of your life.

Highly HIGHLY recommend it.
– Luke Crenshaw, Biochem Major
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY