Quantum Soup Dating

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Episode Title: Quantum Soup Dating: WTF is that, right?

Summary: Discover the strange psychology behind “living from your wish fulfilled” — Or to put it another way, acting in ways consistent with having already achieved your goals…

Confused? The best advice I have for you is to just have a listen to this week’s episode to see what “Quantum Soup Dating” is all about…

Because in this episode, David Favor of Radical Health reveals the deceptively effective “Mind Hack” he’s used to BOTH find his wife AND design the business of his dreams, which he now runs full time…

WARNING: David is a unique and fascinating character, but this week’s episode is admittedly a little “Out There” — it’s NOT for the faint of heart…

For example, David lived in a poly-amorous relationship (i.e. multiple wives) for nearly a decade, AND he’s also been in a monogamous marriage for the past 14 years.

So in other words…

David brings a very honest, albeit unique perspective to the table. So this week’s “Mind Hack” is one that’ll most definitely make you think about the relationship with yourself, your spouse or partner, and most importantly: Your Brain.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show :-)

Click on the PLAY button or Download the MP3 to listen now:

Download MP3: Quantum Soup Dating | Length: 14:30

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