Caveman Pixie Dust

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Episode Title: Caveman Pixie Dust

Summary: In this week’s episode I reveal something called “Caveman Pixie Dust” – NO, this is NOT hocus-pocus magic… Instead, I’m referring to a chemical your body and brain produces that acts like “Miracle-GRO for your Brain”…

“Sprinkle” some of this Miracle GRO in your brain (so to speak) and you can actually stimulate the growth and development of NEW brain cells in your Hippocampus (a structure in your brain responsible for storing long-term memory).

It sounds like science fiction, but this is cutting edge research out of Harvard Medical School and Columbia University…

Now, you can’t buy this chemical at the store…

But the good news is this:

When you BEHAVE like your prehistoric caveman ancestors in this SPECIFIC sort of way, you can actually STIMULATE your body’s natural production of this chemical…

Curious to know WHAT this chemical is? AND how to stimulate its production?

Join David Favor of Radical Health and me on this week’s episode…

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Download MP3: Caveman Pixie Dust | Length: 16:08

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