Using the BRAC Principle

Boost Memory – Simple Memory Secret #2

So what is BRAC? And how can you use it to boost memory?
Well, let me ask you a question:

Do you ever feel like you run into a mental wall sometimes?

Like, in the the middle of the day you’ll be in your groove working and then all of a sudden your brain completely runs out of gas…

You know the feeling I’m talking about?

Well, the reason is USUALLY because of something known as BRAC Principle – or the “Basic Rest-Activity Cycle”.

And here’s what it is exactly:

The BRAC Principle

You see, as humans our bodies operate according to something known as ultradian rhythms, which are alternating 90 minute cycles that we experience throughout the day.

When we sleep, these cycles are the alternating periods of REM sleep (when we dream), and our non-REM sleep periods.

But when we’re awake, our body CONTINUES to operate according to these 90 minute cycles. And they coincide with hormone release into your bloodstream – which regulates your hunger and attention span.

(This is the reason why people tend to reach for a cup of coffee or need to take a break every 90 minutes or so.)

Now, here’s the interesting part of all this:

(And how it relates to your memory)

Boosting Memory with the BRAC Principle

So, as you probably know, each side of our brain has “dominance” in certain skill areas.

For example, the left side of your brain is better at language, and the right is better at spatial problem-solving.

Now, as you experience your 90 minute BRAC cycles throughout the day, your BRAIN actually SWITCHES back and forth from right brain to left brain dominance – every 90 minutes.

Pretty crazy, right?

Because what this means for you is this:

When you’re planning out your day, you want to block out your time in 90 minute chunks.

AND you want to ALTERNATE between Left-Brain Heavy work and Right-Brain Heavy work.

So on a practical level you might spend 90 minutes doing a VERBAL heavy memory task – like memorizing vocab or terminology.

But then, you want to take a break, and SHIFT to a right-brain heavy task: Like exercising or listening to music.

Here’s a strange (but VALUABLE) tip I’ll share with you:

The “changeover” – when your brain is in the so-called “neutral zone” as it switches gears from left-brain to right-brain dominance – tends to be the time when your brain is MOST highly-receptive for learning and remembering new information.

(And in the ROCKETmemory™ Rapid-Learning Program, you discover exactly how to identify and take advantage of this elusive, but extremely valuable “Mental Sweet Spot”.)

BTW – It’s actually the same underlying mechanism behind why you’re MOST likely to remember your final dream from the night before when you wake up immediately after your last REM cycle is over.

Boosting Memory with BRAC – The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the bottom line is this:

To the extent possible, you want to break your memory tasks down into 90 minute chunks. And switch between left-brain and right-brain tasks.

And how can you tell when your brain is about to switch gears?

Well, if you find yourself hitting that wall or reaching for the coffee… that’s USUALLY a good sign :-)

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In the meantime, here’s to your success! :-)

My warmest regards,

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