Better Memory – From Better Posture? (Really?)

Better Memory – Simple Memory Secret #4

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom would tell you (in her most caring, Momma voice):

“Hey! Sit up straight or you’ll hurt your back…”

Remember that?

(For me, it was the Drill Sergeant Nuns I had back in Catholic school growing up. Bless their hearts…)

Well, as it turns out if Momma REALLY loved you, better advice might’ve been:

“Hey! Sit up straight, or you’ll hurt your BRAIN.”

And here’s why…

How Posture Affects Your Brain

If you ask most teachers, they’ll tell you that posture affects their students’ ability to learn…

They’ll say:

Students who slump over tend to learn less than students who sit up straight in an upright posture.

But I mean, come on. Let’s be honest, right?

How much DOES posture actually affect the brain AND your ability to learn?

Well, as it turns out, a LOT.

And it comes down to to things:


Posture, Breathing, & The Brain…

Here’s a fun fact for you:

Did you know that dolphins exchange nearly 90% of their lung’s capacity every time they surface? In other words, every time they come up for a breather, nearly all their “stale air” is replaced with fresh oxygen.

So, how do you think that compares to us humans?

At best, when you’re standing straight up, and take a deep, full breath you’re able to exchange 25% of your lung’s capacity in a single breath.

But when you’re sitting, slouched over?

You actually exchange as little as 5% of your lung’s capacity with each breath.

And as a result:

Your brain, which THRIVES on oxygen – is STARVED of it.

And that’s why you get that feeling of Brain Fog.

But studies have shown, when you sit up straight you can INCREASE your blood flow and oxygen to the brain by up to 40%.

(So it looks like Momma was on to something :-)…

But there’s ANOTHER (far LESS-known) reason why sitting up straight is important for your brain, memory, and learning.

How Posture Changes Your Eye Patterns

Now, the SECOND way in which posture affects your memory is something you might not have anyone talk about before…

So you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you…

But, because it’s something that’s rather important, I’ve decided to reveal it to you separately in the second half of this article:

How Posture Changes Eye Patterns (and what the heck that’s got to do with your memory…)

So click here to Continue Reading now…

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In the meantime…

As a wise Momma somewhere once said:

Stand up straight! (Or you’ll hurt your BRAIN..) :-)

My warmest regards,

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