About The Team

ROCKETMEMORY™ and ROCKETPROGRAMS™ were co-founded by Ryan Levesque & Laura Tylene Bautista, PhD, abd in Austin, Texas.

Currently, the ROCKETMEMORY™ team includes 14 members both locally and remotely, and continues to expand as more and more people enroll in the programs and courses offered through this site.

Ryan & Laura are published authors who between them have conducted projects sponsored by The Smithsonian Institute, Brown University, Princeton University, New York University, University of Hong Kong, & the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Articles about their past work have appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, History Magazine, Brown Alumni Magazine, The Brownsville Herald, New Hampshire Union Leader, The Mid-Valley Town Crier, The Monitor, and others.

About Ryan Levesque

Ryan LevesqueRyan is a first generation college graduate who studied neuroscience at Brown University. There he served as an instructor in the neuroscience and biology departments and worked under leading memory researcher Dr. Mark Bear, PhD (now Director of the Picower Institute of Learning & Memory at MIT).

Ryan’s past research on brain development in newborn infants with Dr. Paul Winchester, MD has been published in several leading journals including the American Pediatric Society & the Society for Pediatric Research medical journals.

Click here to read Ryan’s personal story, the story behind this website, and how the ROCKETMEMORY™ program was created.

About Laura Tylene Bautista, PhD, abd

Laura Tylene BautistaLaura holds her BA from Brown University, her MA from The New School in New York, and has completed the post-graduate research toward her Doctorate at Hong Kong University.
Hong Kong University Ranked Best in Asia

(Laura is extremely modest, but what most people don’t know is that Hong Kong University is ranked by US News & World Reports as the #1 Ranked University across Asia & the Middle East, and is considered by many as
“The Harvard of Asia”.)

And in 2008, Laura left her teaching appointment at Hong Kong University and relocated to Austin Texas to serve full time as the Director of Education for the ROCKETPROGRAMS™. Laura leads the ROCKETPROGRAMS™ Team and spends her time working behind the scenes to make everything you see on this website happen.


Jenny Pierce, Customer Service Director
When you enroll in one of our programs or have question about your order, Jenny is there to take care of you and make sure you receive nothing but the best service and attention :-)

Kate Chang, Product Development Director
Kate manages our product development team, working hard expand the programs and courses we’re able to offer.

Brandi Watkins, Operations Director
Brandi manages our operations and fulfillment team, keeps our office running, and makes sure your order is shipped out on time.

Deepak Jayan, Technical Director
Deepak manages our technical team and keeps busy making sure our websites are all up and running. If you have any problem accessing our website, please give Deepak a call :-)


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