The purpose of this website

If you’re looking to improve memory… If you’ve noticed your memory isn’t what it used to be… Or if you’re simply searching for faster ways to memorize — then THIS could be the most valuable website you ever visit, and here’s why:

An amazing memory isn’t something you’re born with — or something that inevitably gets worse with age. Instead, it all comes down to learning how to USE YOUR BRAIN in ways most of us were never taught growing up.

(I’m talking about stuff they definitely do NOT teach in school.)

And as you spend some time on the site, you’ll soon discover not only how your memory works — but more importantly, how you can quickly improve it (dramatically).

What’s the catch?

People often ask me why I give so much valuable free information on this website. My answer is simple. I’ve learned from some fantastic people, and I could never give back. This is my way of Giving Forward.

Which is why the information in the ROCKETMEMORYFree Articles section, and the ROCKETMEMORY™ Email Tips & Secrets, will be extremely valuable, but always free.

Of course, we do have the comprehensive, step-by-step ROCKETMEMORY™ Program which goes WAY BEYOND what I’m able to cover in these free tips and secrets, and you should look to see How It Works when you’re ready. But the Free Information will always be FREE.

If you doubt it, even for a split-second, here is just one of hundreds of testimonials from readers like you. This will alleviate your fear about having to browse through yet another website:

I’m waiting for the catch. (And I’m still waiting after weeks now). But I’m beginning to conclude that there isn’t one. Ryan’s website continues to provide me with all the valuable tips, insights and ideas he claims it does. I’m officially a fan.

– Nicolas Vermeulen
Antwerp, Belgium | Student, 23 Years Old

How did I get to know so much about memory?

Well, it’s a long story and you can Read the Story or see my Professional Bio if you’re interested. But in a nutshell I’ve spent the past twenty years studying the brain, training my own memory, and helping over 26,300 students through the resources and programs you’ll discover on this website.

I’ve also studied & taught neuroscience at the Ivy League level. And as you’ll discover in our Professional Bios, my partner and ROCKETMEMORY™ Co-Founder Laura Bautista, PhD, and I have had our past work & research featured in dozens of publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and History Magazine…

If this is your first time visiting the site, I invite you to start by visiting the home page to Get Started, or visit the FAQ page if you have a specific question or Contact page to contact me personally.

I really appreciate your willingness to trust me help you improve your memory and transform your mind. I fully intend to meet and exceed your expectations :-)

My warmest regards,

Ryan Levesque